The Killing Fields.

 Decades Later, Investigators Still Searching for Answers in Murders of Four Women

The women seemingly had little in common. One was just a teenager. Another was a local bartender. One was a 30-year-old mechanic. The fourth was a young mother.

But their lives appear to have ended in the same place—a rural field off a dirt road in League City, Texas, between Houston and Galveston. It was a desolate space, dotted by little more than oil rigs and dirt roads. If they cried for help, it’s unlikely anyone heard.

Years after finding the four bodies in that field near Calder Road—part of an area that became known as “the Killing Fields”—investigators are still trying to find the murderer(s).

“It’s important for the public to know that we have not given up. It may be labeled a cold case, but that doesn’t mean it’s sitting on a shelf and isn’t being worked,” said Special Agent Richard Rennison, who has worked the Calder Road killings case out of the FBI’s Houston Field Office, Texas City Resident Agency, for more than a decade. “It’s being worked actively at the FBI and actively at the League City Police Department.”

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