Latoya Tucker and Talaya Tucker. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


Friday, August 21st 2015

Latoya Tucker and her 8-year-old daughter Talaya were shot execution style in their home along Miramar Blvd on September 25, 2006.

Latoya's boyfriend Tommy Jackson was also hit, but survived.  And so did their 1-year-old son Tommy Jr.

“He was in motion so he was shot in his arm,” said Toni Stewart, who is Tommy Jr. and Talaya’s grandmother and Latoya’s mom. “His arm is fine now. Talaya was shot in the face and my daughter was shot in the head.”

Stewart remembers getting the horrible phone call alerting her to the murders all too well. It was her other daughter who broke the news.

“All she kept hollering was they're dead,” said Stewart. “And I kept saying, ‘Who is dead?’ and she said Toya and Talaya! They're dead! They're dead! Someone killed them.”

Stewart adopted little Tommy Jr. and has been raising him these past nine years in Texas. She says he still has countless nightmares, but she does what she can to help remember his mother and sister.

“I keep things around the house, and we talk about how she watches over him from heaven,” said Stewart. “At first he couldn't comprehend the fact that she wasn't coming back. He had dreams that bullets were chasing him.”

Now, all they want is closure for their family, and to know who is responsible for this brutal crime.

“It’s bad to feel that this person has a chance to walk around and have their life,” said Stewart. “And so much was stolen from us.”

Police say they also want to see this cold case solved, and state their homicide detectives are just as emotionally affected by the brutal crime.

“They take them to heart,” said Msgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department. “Often times they look at these cases as if it was one of their own family members who was victimized. So it’s very hard on the detectives when the cases go unsolved for long periods of time as well.”

But both Tucker’s family and police have hope someone out there knows something, and will finally have the courage to come forward and give them the tip they need to solve this case. Even, if the tip is left anonymously.

“Often times these cases can be broken by the slightest or simplest piece of information,” said Msgt. Knight. “Someone who knows something, and they think it probably doesn't matter very much so I'm not going to bother saying anything, say something! We want to hear from you.”

“I truly believe in my heart that it was someone they knew,” said Stewart, referring to her daughter’s boyfriend who survived the shooting. “It was someone that that family knew.”

And if you have any information that can help police identify the killer, call the Oklahoma City Homicide Tip-line at 405-297-1200 or Oklahoma City Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300. You can remain anonymous.

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