Carina Saunders. Bethany, Oklahoma.


Carina Saunders
Source: Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
On October 13, 2011, the dismembered body of Carina Saunders was found in a field near a grocery store at NW 23rd and Rockwell in Bethany, Oklahoma. On October 8, 2011, Saunders was last seen getting into a red Ford 4-door pickup at the Newcastle Casino. Reports surfaced of a video of her murder.
If you have information about Carina's murder, contact the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation at 1-800-522-8017. You can remain anonymous.

Carina Saunders Special - News 9
Carina Brianne Saunders was more than a “body in a duffel bag.” She was a beautiful 19-year-old with big dreams, according to her parents. Carina was born on July 17, 1992, and almost immediately discovered her unique ability to bring smiles to the faces of her loved ones. Her parents say that she was a happy baby, a precocious little girl, and a curious teenager.

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