Jason Lewis Kyles. Santa Rosa, California.


Jason Lewis Kyles
Missing Since
Missing From
Santa Rosa, California
Endangered Missing
Date of Birth
07/28/1978 (43)
34 years old
Height and Weight
6'6, 185 pounds
Clothing/Jewelry Description
Naked except for a plain white gold wedding band on his left ring finger.
Medical Conditions
Kyles has a history of seasonal depression and took medical marijuana to control his condition; he stopped taking the drug prior to his disappearance. He is apparently suffering from a severe form of mental illness, possibly bipolar disorder, and may be in need of medical attention.
Associated Vehicle(s)
Ford pickup truck (accounted for)
Distinguishing Characteristics
Caucasian male. Brown hair, blue eyes. Kyles may have a reddish-colored beard.
Details of Disappearance
Kyles was last seen on on Lawndale Trail near Marsh Trail in Annadel State Park in Santa Rosa, California. He has never been heard from again. Authorities searched the park for him for six days before giving up.
Kyles, who has a history of seasonal depression, had been exhibiting increasingly bizarre behavior prior to his disappearance: he couldn't sleep, talked very fast, became hyperactive and fixated on religion, and bought an expensive top hat that he wore during walks along the river.
A few days later, he packed his Ford pickup truck with miscellaneous objects including a bird bath, some photos and his son's guitar. He drove away from his Sacramento, California home, leaving a note for his wife saying he was going to visit a cousin in New York and would make a fortune in the music industry. He was wearing a heavy tan canvas hunting jacket, a t-shirt, blue jeans, black and orange sneakers and a tan baseball cap.
The next morning, Sonoma County authorities found his truck parked near Lawndale Road and Annadel, parked on private property just outside the eastern border of Annadel State Park. The local resident whose land it was found him in her barn sometime after 9:00 a.m., where he was crying and saying the horses were sad.
Later, a cyclist reported seeing him in the park, naked and chanting. His discarded clothing and shoes were later discovered in the woods, with the tags torn off each item and Christmas ornaments and refrigerator magnets in the pockets.
Authorities theorize Kyles experienced a psychotic break and cannot recall his identity or how to get home. He may be living on the streets in the Santa Barbara, California area; there have been possible sightings of him in that vicinity. He attended college at Humboldt State University and may try to go to that area.
Kyles may be frightened and try to avoid the police and other people searching for him. He worked as a landscape contractor prior to his disappearance and had studied Buddhism in recent years. His case remains unsolved.
Investigating Agency
Sonoma Sheriff's Department

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