Mission Statement.

This website is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. I believe that the cases featured on this page should reflect the diversity of our country. The victims and their families will be treated with dignity and respect.

I am not an investigator. I established this page to provide information that will refresh the public's memory about these cases and generate credible tips. The appeal for 'credible' tips is an effort to ensure that the police receive verifiable information. Rumors and speculation don't fit these criteria.

Case Submission
Please don't submit your case if the victim was engaged in the following criminal activities. Homicide, crimes against children, drug trafficking/distribution, and sex crimes such as rape, sexual abuse, and sexual battery. Human trafficking, kidnapping, domestic violence, and crimes against government officials.

There are no fundraising activities associated with this website. If you are contacted by someone who claims to represent this website, notify me immediately.

Sincerely, Robert Jackson.
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