Jennifer Delgado. San Antonio, Texas.


CASE 88/262206
Source: San Antonio Police Department
On Monday, June, 6th, 1988, Jennifer Delgado was at a local laundromat located at 130 West Oak with her mother doing the family's laundry at 8 pm in the evening. The Delgado family lived across the street from the Laundromat and Jennifer's father was at home. While inside the laundromat, a single male entered the store and walked to a vending machine. After becoming angry with the vending machine, the white male went to Jennifer Delgado and stabbed her once in the abdomen and then stabbed Jennifer's mother before fleeing. Witnesses at the scene stated that the suspect fled in a Silver car, driven by another individual. Jennifer was taken to Wilford Hall where she was pronounced deceased shortly after arriving. Jennifer Delgado was 7 years old.
If you have information that might be useful, please call the San Antonio Police Department Cold Case Tip Line anytime day or night at 210.207.7401, or you can call 210.207.7635 or 210.207.7484, or call Crime Stoppers at 210.224.STOP.

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