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Mission Statement.

Welcome. Mission I am not an investigator. I established this page to provide information that will refresh the public's memory about these cases and generate credible tips. The appeal for credible tips is an effort to ensure the police receive verifiable information. Rumors and speculation don't fit these criteria. Compassion and empathy toward the victims and their families are paramount. DEI  Diversity, equity, and inclusion are workplace values that are held by many organizations. I have incorporated these values into my victim advocacy efforts. I believe that the cases presented on this website should reflect the diversity of our country. The victims and their families will be treated with dignity and respect.  Case Submission Please don't submit your case if the victim was actively engaged in the following criminal activities. Homicide, crimes against children, illegal drug trafficking/distribution, and sex crimes such as rape, sexual abuse, and sexual battery. Human

Latest Posts

Donald Leroy Pearson. Spokane, Washington.

Elizabeth Matos and William Vega. Worcester, Massachusetts.

Hattie Yvonne Jackson. Washington, DC.

Michelle Norris. Central Falls, Rhode Island.

Offender (Deceased) Curtis Dean Anderson. Northern California.

Photos found in Rodney Alcala's storage locker.

Claudette Jean Zebolsky Powers. Warner Springs, California.

Christy Kaufman & Debbie Perkins. San Antonio, Texas.

Richard Anthony Garza. Bexar County, Texas.

Jordan Taylor. Kew Gardens, New York.

Bill Dwayne Shipley. Goldsby, Oklahoma.

Mansoor Riaz. Bellevue, Washington.

Tu Thi-Cam Tran. Baltimore, Maryland.

Jacqueline Davis. Cherokee, North Carolina.

Aya Nakano. Oakland, California.

Father Alfred Kunz. Dane, Wisconsin.

Destiny Louise Lloyd. Harrah, Washington.

Areyelle Yarbrough. Birmingham, Alabama.

Jack and Xenia Rabinowitsch. Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Killing Fields.

Corina Lydia Contrerez. Yellowstone County, Montana.

Bryce David Laspisa. Castaic, California.

Gregory Alfred Goodson. Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

Veyda Maria Sellers. Fort Bragg, North Carolina,

Nancy Marie Ryan. Bristow, Virginia.

Alexis Patterson. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Jenna Van Gelderen. Atlanta, Georgia.

Willie Reginald Clark. Baltimore, Maryland.